Hello, my name is Villie and I write poetry. Welcome to my blog. I write about experiences, thoughts and feelings, and I take inspiration from my life, my family and happenings all around me. I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, who brought to me the best son in law and beautiful grandchildren, and I have been lucky to have had a peripatetic existence in my early years, young adulthood, and full-time work years. Family's travels brought us to this island, on the edge of Europe, with the greenest greens and the bluest sky blues. An island where life flows unstopped between past and now, a perfect blend of raw tradition and current affairs.


Autumn trail

Autumn trail turns crisp
in child's walk;
Freedom sounds.

Haiku by Villie Flari - 16/01/2017, Limerick, Ireland
Photo by G.V. - 02/12/2016, Limerick, Ireland