My wounds find solace in foggy mornings;
comforted in their soft blankets, they sleep.
They confess under the bright light that follows.
Do I look scary to you?
Don't be afraid.
Touch them.
They are soft and silky like the soul they clothe.

I wire draw a smile on my face
and my pain is peeking through.
Time stops.
Eruption of fear and excitement electrify me.
Is this the end of our solitude?
Don't wear your mask.
Breathe with me.
I dreamt of us living in sychrony.

My arms are now flowering
and I feel the buzzing.
I am not alone.
Vibrations smooth my wrinkles.
Are you terrified this will not last?
Don't make a promise.
Our contrast colours tie and paint our world.

27/09/2017 & 08/07/2018
Limerick, Ireland
Villie Flari